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As we know from the DA Files, in April, 1950, George Hodel was being "stalked by DA Lt. Frank Jemison" and an arrest was imminent.  

Tipped by confederates, he left the country sometime in 1950, and accepted a job offer as, "Staff Psychiatrist and Director of Rehabilitation Program" at the Territorial Hospital Kaneohe, Hawaii. Part of his job description included counseling the criminally insane at Hawaii's Territorial Prison.  

During his several years in Hawaii, Dr. Hodel also taught a graduate course at the University of Hawaii's, School of Social Work. Here is professor Hodel's course description taken verbatim from a recently discovered copy of the 1951 catalogue:


310 Dynamics of Human Behavior (2)  Mr. Hodell [sic]

Personality growth and development from infancy through old age. Interpretation of the individual's behavior in the light of physical, psychological, and social factors which have contributed to his maladjustment.  


Scan of 1951 catalogue 

GHH Hawaii course.jpg


 Dr. George Hodel with unidentified secretary, Territory of Hawaii circa 1950








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In an early chapter of  BDA I wrote somewhat reverently about a close family friend, film director Rowland Brown. As a young boy, I loved Rowland.  He was right up there with Atticus Finch, as my all-time hero. (Still is!)  But, unlike Atticus, Rowland was real. He had become a substitute father figure for dad, who had moved on to Asia. Rowland was big, friendly and showed tremendous respect for my mother, so what's not to love? (It wouldn't be until my early 20s, that mother revealed she had been having an ongoing, albeit, very intermittent affair with Rowland from the late 1930s forward.)  Rowland,  like my grandfather Harvey - hated George. 

          Three of Rowland Brown's films. (writer on Nocturne)     Photo of mother circa 1944

We Only Kill Each Other.jpg

  I thought I would share with you a short anecdote, about Rowland, from the book, We Only Kill Each Other: The Life and Bad Times of Bugsy Siegel, by Dean Jennings (Prentice-Hall 1967) (A great read!)  


we only kill each other by dean jennings.jpg

Click below to read Rowland Brown/Bugsy Siegel anecdote

  Brown anecdote.pdf

Spencer Tracy/ Rowland Brown from "Quick Millions" 1931

quick million rowland brown spencer tracey.jpg

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